Thursday, November 22, 2007


Sweeping the leaves

At the zoo


Pillow fight at the Renaissance festival (we went again)

Hello everyone,

We've had a busy month since the last time I posted. We had our first parent teacher conference with Emma's teacher and her ESL instuctor. She is doing fantastic in school and she is progressing so fast, it has our heads spinning. She is able to read simple words by sounding them out phonetically. We just keep shaking our heads at how easily she is understanding letter sounds and their uses in words. She is speaking very well, although she's like a minah (sp?) bird...mimics everything that is said. She also is able to rhyme really well and she frequently will not only sound out a word....but say 4 or 5 words that rhyme with it. She also seems to have the same ability as her mama in learning the words of songs. Picture her singing from the backseat of the car..."Burns, Burns, Burns...the ring of fire...". Yep...she's singing Johnny Cash!!!! I can't help but laugh everytime I hear her. Another favorite it "We will, we will...Rock you!". I'm afraid she also has the same terrible singing voice that plagues her mother...sigh. Oh well, at least we try.

Halloween was a big hit. Emma was dressed as Cinderella and Lucas was Anakin Skywalker. Lucas filled Emma in on what to do to "get candy" so Emma was hooked immediately. It was so fun to watch them both run up to each house to collect their scrumptious treats. Emma really wanted to do it again the next night and she got pretty pouty when we said she'd have to wait another year. She doesn't really understand what a year is yet but she realized it was a long time away.

The other day they were both playing at the park (3 houses down from our house) while I sat in the driveway and read a book (I could see them). After about an hour, they came home and announced that there were too many leaves in our front yard and asked if they could sweep them up. Before answering, I looked at them and thought "what planet are you from?" and they whined "Puleeeeeez!!" if it would be a punishment if I said no. Seriously, they must be from an alternate universe where children enjoy cleaning. Not that I'm complaining mind you. Although it was a little embarrasing sitting reading my book while my little aliens swept the driveway. Hey....I didn't want to sweep! For me it would have been a punishment!

Today was Emma's first Thanksgiving and all week she has been so excited to eat turkey and "punkin" pie. She kept saying (while rubbing her stomach) "I love punkin pie". I just laughed because she's never actually tasted pumpkin pie. I was worried that the anticipation would be much better than the actual experience, especially since she is such a picky eater. We went to Chris's sisters house and enjoyed the usual fare, in which Emma ate more than she has ever eaten....and she did like the pumpkin pie. We really have so much to be thankful for this year (as we do every year) and it was so nice to just be thankful and not longing for the missing part of our family. I've been so grateful every year for Lucas, and loved the years we had with him alone. We never stopped believing we were also meant to have a daughter and Emma was always there in our hearts waiting for us. We had her name picked out even before she was born...before Lucas. She has completed our family, and enriched all of our lives in ways we are just beginning to discover. Both of our children are treasures...even if they are from another planet.

My thoughts and prayers are with the several families in Ukraine right now (I'm following their blogs religiously) making their dreams come true. I love joining in your journeys to bring your children home. Ukraine is a wonderful country and I am so grateful that they are entrusting their precious children to all of us. If only everone could experience the joy that these amazing children bring into our lives. To all of you waiting...soon you will join the exclusive club of Ukie parents, which brings with it unimaginable gifts. Soon you will be a foreign land, frozen upon her landscapes but warm within her heart. Respect her for her strength and history and thank her for her generosity. She is our children's heritage. ...and she will always be remembered.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

L,C,L & E