Sunday, June 15, 2008

The joys of summer

At camp...awaiting cabin assignments

At Poppy's house

At Poppy's house

Fun in the pool

Watching Emma perform in her last day of school concert

Last day of Kindergarten

At Poppy's house

Emma's bunk at camp

Summer is here and the fun has begun!!

The kids went to the YMCA camp last week for 2 nights and they had a blast! Two news channels even did a story on the camp and Lucas was in the background of some of the footage...that was cool! I couldn't wait to pick them up on Tuesday because a) well...I missed them terribly and b) I couldn't wait to hear all of their stories. They went swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, did archery, crafts, ate smores, and sang songs. I want to go to camp!!!! Emma received the "Most Cheerful" award. Which just made me so proud considering 10 months ago she was in an orphanage and now she was recognized for being her sweet, happy self. She is amazing!!! Lucas received the "Dust Buster" award...which makes sense to anyone that knows him well. He LOVES to clean! His cabin counselor came up to me and said "Luke is just so organized!!". He was astounded at how meticulous Lucas was with his "stuff" and with cleaning the cabin. That's my boy!!

Emma graduated from Kindergarten and will be going to the first grade in August. We are so proud of the progress that she has made. Her teacher was so great to her and we are hoping that Lucas will be placed in her class when he enters Kindergarten in August (she has told us that she has requested Lucas to be in her class). Lucas is nervous to start the "big" school but he's also excited. Chris was teaching him the Pledge of Allegiance this was cute....especially when Lucas said "indibisible".

We're just spending time in the pool every weekend and enjoying the lazy summer days. Work for me has been quite busy and I'm hoping it slows down a bit, but that seems unlikely. I'm just fortunate to have a job that is challenging yet rewarding with a boss who is very supportive.

Well, hopefully everyone is having a great summer. Thank you to all who continue to post comments. We love reading them. And to all those who are just getting started on your adoption journey...I pray that your path is smooth and your courage is plenty. You are embarking on the greatest adventure of you lives! ...Worth every moment...

L, C, L &E